John H. Rust, Jr.
John H. Rust, Jr.
John H. Rust, Jr. was appointed to the VRA Board in 2012 by Governor Robert McDonnell. An attorney by training, Mr. Rust resides in Fairfax where he and members of his family have been active in matters relating to the community and the Commonwealth for over 100 years.

Currently serving as the Commissioner of Accounts for Fairfax County, Mr. Rust served several terms as a state lawmaker in the Virginia House of Delegates. In addition, he has served as Vice-Chairman of the Transportation Advisory Committee and member of the City Status Committee and the Route 50/I-66 Task Force, the transportation component of the County's comprehensive plan. From his active involvement and leadership in mapping the history of the city of Fairfax, determining 2020 housing needs and promoting commerce and economic development in the area, Mr. Rust has been the go-to man to get the job done.

Still active in the practice of law and representing the third generation of his family to do so, Mr. Rust is with the Fairfax firm of Rust & Rust, P.C. Through his work with a family-owned company, Iron Ox Consulting, he provides consultative services in the area of governmental relations.

An engaged member, he serves on the Board's Portfolio Risk Management Committee, the Legislative Committee, and the Strategic Planning Committee, which he chairs. "Mr. Rust is a great asset to the VRA Board," said Stephanie Hamlett, VRA's Executive Director. "He brings a tremendous understanding of how to effectively serve our broad constituencies and on the critical importance of analytical and strategic thinking. His current and past work experiences are incredibly extensive and impressive and he routinely works closely with staff in addressing challenging issues and concerns."

VRA Board Chairman Bill O'Brien, in commenting about Mr. Rust, stated "Jack is an important member of the Board. He plays an especially critical role in the Board's planning and oversight initiatives, often providing us with ideas and suggestions that inform and enlighten us all. He has done an outstanding job in working with the Board and staff in the development of the Authority's 5-year strategic planning initiative."

The VRA Board and staff are pleased to work with John Rust and grateful for his outstanding service to VRA and the Commonwealth.

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