Stephanie Hamlett's Appointment to the CIFA Board
Stephanie Hamlett's Appointment to the CIFA Board
VRA is pleased to announce Stephanie Hamlett's appointment to the Council of Infrastructure Financing Authorities' (CIFA) Board.

CIFA is the leading organization of national, state and local entities which provide financing for environmental infrastructure. CIFA works to promote national policies which increase and facilitate environmental infrastructure investments.

To achieve its goal, CIFA helps educate borrowers on the nuts and bolts of how these investments are structured, which includes identifying effective funding mechanisms and delivery systems. Importantly, these investments are structured using proven financing arrangements. CIFA also works to advance innovations to meet the broad range of state and local environmental infrastructure needs.

Stephanie brings her decades of public finance experience in Virginia to this national organization. Stephanie has enjoyed working to help strengthen CIFA as an organization by enhancing its capacity to encourage environmental infrastructure development. Virginia can share its best practices in environmental infrastructure financing with local governments across the country.

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