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Sticky Article Bill Kittrell - Board Member Spotlight
Bill Kittrell - Board Member Spotlight
Bill Kittrell is Deputy State Director of The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Virginia, an environmental non-profit organization founded in 1951, and works out of the Charlottesville office.

TNC has a goal of creating a world where people and nature can thrive together and now operates in 70 countries across the globe. Mr. Kittrell began his career at TNC in 1990 and has worked in communities across western and Southwest Virginia, helping to protect natural resources, while balancing the needs of the many residents across the region who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Mr. Kittrell has degrees in biology and economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Mr. Kittrell brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the VRA Board. With a career at a non-profit conservation organization, he provides an invaluable perspective to the Board.

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