Sticky Article Community Flood Preparedness Fund Accepting Grant Applications
Community Flood Preparedness Fund Accepting Grant Applications
The Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund (CFPF) was established to provide support for regions and localities across Virginia to reduce the impacts of flooding. VRA will assist the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) by providing financial management services in connection with the CFPF. DCR will prioritize projects for CFPF financing.

Selected projects will be in concert with local, state and federal floodplain management standards, local resilience plans and the Virginia Coastal Resilience Master Plan. The fund will empower communities to complete vulnerability assessments, and develop and implement action-oriented approaches to bolster flood preparedness and resilience.

 The following conditions shall apply to the use of moneys allocated from the fund:

 1. Localities shall use moneys in the fund primarily for implementing flood prevention and protection projects and studies in areas that are subject to recurrent flooding as confirmed by a locality-certified floodplain manager.

2. Moneys in the fund may be used to mitigate future flood damage and to assist inland and coastal communities across the commonwealth that are subject to recurrent or repetitive flooding.

3. No less than 25% of the moneys disbursed from the fund each year shall be used for projects in low-income geographic areas.

4. Priority shall be given to projects that implement community-scale hazard mitigation activities that use nature-based solutions to reduce flood risk.

 2021 CFPF applications for its grant round of funding are due by 4 p.m. on September 3.

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