Governor's Infrastructure  Financing Conference
VRA hosted the Governor's Infrastructure Financing Conference on December 10-12, 2014. Approximately 300 participants convened at the beautiful Hotel Roanoke to hear and discuss infrastructure financing.
John H. Rust, Jr.
John H. Rust, Jr. was appointed to the VRA Board in 2012 by Governor Robert McDonnell. An attorney by training, Mr. Rust resides in Fairfax where he and members of his family have been active in matters relating to the community and the Commonwealth for over 100 years.
Why We Need to Preserve the Tax-Exempt Status of Municipal Bonds
Preserving the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds is certainly important to us at VRA, but it also is critical to every locality in Virginia and all the residents they serve. For this reason, the Commonwealth is joining with 42 other states in appealing to members of Congress to maintain the tax exempt status of these bonds.
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