Infrastructure Financing Conference


April 3-5, 2019

Roanoke, Virginia

Conference Agenda

Conference Presentations:

Wednesday, April 4  
Regional Collaboration Chris Morrill 
Emerging Water Financing Challenges and Opportunities Jeff Hughes
Broadband in Virginia Liz Povar, Ben Davenport, David Hudgins, Evan Feinman
Best Practices for Financial Decision Making JoAnne Carter, Barbara Donnellan
Collaborating for Best Results David Blount, Deborah Gosney, Kevin Byrd, Wayne Strickland
Leveraging Federal Programs Janice Stroud Bickes, Bob Gittler, Carrie Schmidt
Tax Changes Impacting Financing Arthur Anderson
Thursday, April 4  
Community Transformation Linda Green, David Smitherman, Matthew Rowe, Ken Larking, Telly Tucker
Local Assistance for Roads Julie Brown 
Housing as Infrastructure Michael Hawkins
P3s: Lessons in Shifting Risk and Reducing Cost for the Public Owner Charles McPhillips, Megan Gilliland, Sean Ekiert
Airports: The Front Door to Economic Development Mark Flynn, Gregory Campbell, Jason Davis, Timothy Bradshaw
Alleghany County's Communication System  Jonathan Lanford, Ryan Muterspaugh, Webster Day, Kevin Rotty, Ann Shawver
DHCD's Financing Programs for Infrastructure Erik Johnston, Jay Grant, Matt Weaver, Gail Moody, Brian Reed
Historic Tax Credits Robin Miller

Financing Local Government - Challenges and Opportunities

Bob O'Neill
Emerging Trends in Energy Infrastructure Development and Finance Barry Wilhelm, Rich Dooley, Bill Greenleaf, Preston Bryant
Henrico County's Facebook Story Anthony Romanello
Setting Up a Stormwater Utility Dwayne D'Ardenne, Tim Mitchell
Tax Increment Financing Bonnie France
School Financing Jay Mahone
One Size Does Not Fit All - Municipal Securities Disclosures Lisa Williams, Emily Gordy, David Gustin
Cyber Security: Protecting Physical Assets of Government Entities Elon Ginzburg
Resolving Conflicts & Working with Partners John Daniel, Mark Rubin, Preston Bryant
Tourism Project Financing Wirt Confroy, Susan Borland, Ross Fickenscher
Advanced Budgeting Case Study: City of Danville Ken Larking, Danielle Scott
Filling the Gaps: Case Studies in Combining Financing Options Carrie Cecil, Amy Condaras
Friday, April 5  
Economic Opportunities in Energy and the Role of Local Governments Bill Murray, Preston Bryant
Exploring Options for Cost Savings Clifton Parker, Gerald Hartman
Telecommunication Services Richard E. Jenkins, Richelle Richardson
Finances You Need to Know Ann Shawver
Overview of the Water/Wastewater Industry and Financing Opportunities Scott Robertson, Tiphany Lee-Allen, Shawn Crumlish, Ty Wellford
Leveraging Global and Regional Infrastructure for Economic Development Success Joe Hines
Local Government Updates Laurie Hicks, Rachel Reamy



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