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The Town of Buchanan was formed in 1811, and named after Col. John Buchanan by a charter of the Virginia House of Burgesses in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The town sits on the banks of the upper James River in Botetourt County, in the Roanoke metro area. From its earliest development Buchanan was the principal crossing of the James River via the "Great Valley Road" and other regional transportation networks.
The Town was founded in 1754 and chartered by the General Assembly of Virginia in 1788. Front Royal is located in Warren County in Northern Virginia approximately 17 miles south of Winchester and 70 miles west of Washington, DC. The Town covers an area of approximately 9 square miles and the Town has power to issue debt under the Code of Virginia pursuant to Title 15.2, Chapter 26-04 of the Public Finance Act.
The Town of Herndon, a mere 4.28 square miles, is a political subdivision of Fairfax County that was chartered in 1879. The Town is established under Title 15.2 of the Code of Virginia, 1950 and as amended and is subject to the Public Finance Act in Title 15.2 Chapter 26.
Strasburg is located in north-central Shenandoah County at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley; it was chartered in 1761 and incorporated as a town in 1922.  Strasburg is subject to the Public Finance Act in Title 15.2 Chapter 26 of the Code of Virginia.
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