10-unit T-hangar Development
10-unit T-hangar Development
Project Area: Airports
Program(s): VARF
10-unit T-hangar Development Project Details

In 2011, VRA approved a $654,184 loan through the VARF, with a 20 year term, to the Virginia Highlands Airport, which serves Abingdon and neighboring communities. The loan is secured by a pledge of general airport revenues of the Virginia Highlands Airport, supplemented by a moral obligation pledge of Washington County. This loan, which funded a 10 unit T-hangar development to attract more business aircraft users to the airport, will position the airport as a gateway to Southwest Virginia, providing economic development benefits to the entire region for many years to come.

  • Year Funded: 2011
  • Term: 20 years
  • Amount: $654,184 from Virginia Airports Revolving Fund
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