Lunenburg County Modernizes its 911 Radio System
Lunenburg County Modernizes its 911 Radio System
Project Area: Public Safety
Program(s): VPFP
Lunenburg County Modernizes its 911 Radio System Project Details

At more than 20 years old, Lunenburg County’s current radio system is outdated and has limited operability, requiring a full-scale system replacement.

VRA provided financing to Lunenburg so that it could acquire a new 700 MHz system that will integrate with the 911 system and communicate with neighboring localities. Following the recommendations of a September 2020 feasibility study, the County contracted with L3Harris Solutions, Inc, to provide a new P25 Trunking Simulcast solution. This architecture protects against site power failures and voice communications for all operations and paging. L3Harris is providing multi-band mobile radios, portable radios, control stations, antennas, batteries, programming, training, and installation.

The County borrowed $3.425 million through the Virginia Pooled Financing Program for a term of 15 years with an equipment lease security. A portion of the financing involves a contract for an approximately $500,000 microwave/connectivity network needed to complete the project. The project is slated to be completed in December 2022.

The County's appreciation to VRA was expressed in comments made by Tracy Gee, Lunenburg County Administrator, "The process of financing with VRA was smooth and we appreciated being allowed flexibility with debt schedule options and changes associated with the final borrowing amount, based on local contributions. The support of our project by VRA allows the Lunenburg County Board of Supervisors to better equip our emergency responders to provide citizens with many years of increased public safety communication coverage, enhanced connectivity, and infrastructure stability."

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