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Virginia Resources Authority

Created by the General Assembly in 1984, Virginia Resources Authority (VRA) has funded more than 1,500 critical projects across the Commonwealth for over $7.5 billion of investment in Virginia’s communities.  VRA’s financing solutions draw upon our creativity and unique ability to provide state and federal credit enhancements that lower the borrowing costs for localities.  Through our bond issuances, VRA creates cost-effective financing solutions for local governments and authorities to support projects that improve the quality of life for all Virginians. 

VRA supports community investments in the following areas:

Investing in Virginia

On this website, you will learn more about VRA bonds and how to become an investor.  Our goal is to make it easier for Virginia residents to invest in Virginia.  VRA funds key infrastructure projects throughout the Commonwealth and we are enhancing our outreach to citizens interested in investing in these vital projects.  VRA wants to make it simple for individuals to have access to these investments at their initial public offering.  In other words, VRA wants to ensure that people on Main Street are able to gain access to bonds routinely traded on Wall Street.

VRA sells its bonds to Virginia first.  We routinely offer VRA bonds during early order periods whereby Virginia residents are given first priority in placing orders for bonds. To date, individual investors have supported VRA-sponsored capital financings at an unprecedented rate.  By investing in VRA bonds, you are reinvesting in the Commonwealth and making these Virginia-based projects a reality – adding to the quality of life of our communities and the strength of our economy.

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